African Drums - The Ancient Revolution

2005-2015 has been the decade of the djembe; or, more accurately, the decade of the drum. In the last ten years, there has been what could be best described as a reverse-renaissance as the world has turned to music`s ancient past for inspiration and new ideas. We`ve gone bananas for bongos, cuckoo for congas, and delirious for djembes of all shapes and sizes. With drum circles, taiko groups, and expanded percussion sections springing up all over the place, it`s no secret that these energetic instruments are coming back in a big way.

Much of this resurgence can be attributed to the enthusiastic individuals who have taken the time to expose the wider community to African drums through busking, community drum groups, and instructional presentations at schools etc. But their efforts to spark demand can only go so far; the rest of the job comes down to supply, and with companies like Toca Percussion and Latin Percussion pumping out high-quality yet affordable drums of all styles, it has given the new initiates of the percussion realm seemingly limitless options to pursue their passion.



And pursue they have! Just last Christmas, Dural Music saw such an influx of customers looking for hand drums that we had to sprout a djembe tree just to support the variety of styles and sizes that were being requested! This tree has continued to grow to the point where it has become an unavoidable feature of the store, and the colourful fruit it bears are still being enjoyed by anyone with a musical bone in their body! But what`s the next big step for the Hills District`s own Little Shop of Horrors? (I`ll admit that reference was a little laboured).


Well, our next endeavour will be to expand our already considerable ``supply`` element of the equation by branching out into the ``demand`` area! We`ll be ``taking it to the streets`` in a demonstration of these exciting instruments, and giving any interested onlookers a chance to join in and try their hand at some hand drums! The finer details of this event are yet to be laid out, but there are some exciting ideas in the pipeline. And if you keep an ear to the ground and your eye on the horizon, we`ll be putting out more info as it comes to light! In the meantime, why not familiarise yourself with some favourite drum models at ?