The Importance of a Good Music Teacher

Continuing on from our last post about the benefits of music education, it's probably a good idea to discuss the importance of those dedicated folks who put in the hard yards to make music education happen. However, not just any musician is capable of being a teacher; it takes a certain type of person who can not only pass on their own knowledge and passion for music, but also carefully balance fun with discipline, to make sure the student retains that information without becoming bored or distracted.

In fact, a good music teacher has to be able to balance all aspects of tuition in order to deliver a substantial lesson. They must be able to balance theoretical knowledge with practice and demonstration; passion with restraint; structure with fluidity; standard pieces with student favourites; humour with  seriousness. In this way, a good music teacher is able to cater to the learning style of any student.

Essentially, a good music teacher will:

  1. Have a great deal of enthusiasm -  Nothing bores a student faster than a teacher who also comes across as bored and uninterested. Having an enthused and passionate learning environment is infectious, as this enthusiasm is very likely to then manifest itself in the student, which will give them a real hunger to learn and grow as musicians.
  2. Be patient - A good music teacher understands that most students, particularly younger ones, will take quite some time to learn and develop new techniques. They will have the patience to stick with a student through dozens, or hundreds, of mistakes, and be there to congratulate them when they finally get the hang of what is being taught.
  3. Quickly diagnose issues - Students can easily become frustrated when they're unable to make their fingers and hands do what they want them to do, and if they are having a particularly hard time, a good teacher will be able to quickly identify what's going wrong and accurately explain how to combat the problem.
  4. Love music of all kinds - One of the greatest lessons a music tutor can teach is to be open-minded about music, which means a good music teacher will be musically open-minded themselves. If a student is excited about a new song they've discovered, but their teacher unabashedly dislikes it, (or worse, tells them it's not a good song and tries to push their own preferences on their student), they will very quickly lose interest in music lessons.
  5. Have a desire to learn -  A good teacher is someone who also knows there's always more to learn. In this way, they can demonstrate their own passion for knowledge, and show their students that music is an exciting, life-long journey of discovery.

Here at Dural Music Centre, we're very fortunate to have a full staff of just this kind of teacher. We have long been the go-to destination for musical instruments, books, and accessories in the Hills district. But we also have a very successful music school, and have  recently become one of the top ranking Australian Music Examination Board (AMEB) exam facilities in the area, making us the preferred exam venue for many students and parents, reflecting the quality of our teaching staff.

Earlier this year, we were awarded a commendation from AMEB for achieving on of the top five teacher results of 2014 for their given category. The achievement comes down to a joint effort from teachers and students, both of whom have dedicated themselves to education, and have been rewarded for doing so.


However, music's not all about getting an "A", and next month, some of Dural Music's best young musicians will be given the chance to strut their stuff and demonstrate their performance prowess at the annual Dural Music Centre Student Showcase. This public event is the highlight of DMC's performance calendar, and an excellent opportunity to demonstrate what a little dedication and a good music teacher can help a student achieve.
The Student Showcase will be taking place on the 27th of August at The Galston Club, and tickets will be available through Dural Music Centre, with limited door sales on the night.