Lag Guitars: The Subtle Art of Making a Name

Over 20 years ago, Michel Lag-Chavarria founded what would become one of Europe's most prominent guitar manufactures. Despite this, Lag has remained a relatively unknown name within the wider musical community. However, the brand is slowly gaining the international attention it deserves, and we at Dural Music Centre are very excited to be amongst the newest members of the Lag family.

The incomparable combination of Lag's tone, quality, features, and affordability can be attributed to Michel's original philosophy, which is to always seek to avoid stereotypes, and exorbitantly priced and over-used guitar designs, and to bring some refinement and style to the guitar world. And you'd better believe he has succeeded in this mission. From their ornately carved headstocks to their internal construction and electrics, these guitars offer thousand-dollar features and frills for a fraction of the price.

The offerings placed on the Lag altar have been accepted by a number of music gods including Josh Rand of Stone Sour, Chris Hedger of Cradle of Filth, and Phil Campbell of Motorhead, who has had his "Number One" Lag in hand for 20 years. So, why has it taken Lag so long to permeate throughout the rest of the musical world? It probably comes down to Michel Lag-Chavarria's philosophy again; it's not about becoming the next Fender or Gibson, it's just about offering the best possible instrument to the player, and, little by little, the word is spreading; Lag are gaining a serious foothold in the market, not because of massive marketing campaigns, but simply by reputation and quality alone. And there's something special about that.

We here at Dural Music Centre are thrilled to expand Lag's presence in Western Sydney, and we hope to continue to spread the good word until Lag receives the following it deserves!

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