Woodwind, Brass & Guitar Repairs & Servicing

   Guitar Restring & Servicing

Our guitar repair department operates daily for general maintenance and minor repairs including stringing guitars and adjusting action and intonation. We can also assist you with more in-depth repair jobs as we work very closely with Lucas, the NSW servicing agent for Maton Guitars, who works locally and has been known to perform miracles on all kinds of unsolvable problems. He is our go-to man for all things from general setups, through to seamless rewiring/soldering, body repairs, fret grinding, and much more! Give us a call or come up and speak to us about what he can do for your guitar.  The quality of work is excellent  and the price is very affordable.

  1. Standard Restring (includes fretboard condition, polish & tuning): $20 + Strings
  2. Restring - Elixir strings: $20 + Strings
  3. Floyd Rose Restring: $30 + Strings
  4. Bass Restring: $20 + Strings
  5. 5-String Bass Restring: $20 + Strings
  6. Neck Adjust: $20.00
  7. Neck Adjust & Restring: $27.95 + Strings
  8. Full Setup (includes above & Bridge Adjust (grind) & Nut Adjust) approx: $88.00
  9. Nut Replacement (includes restring): $45.00 (approx.)
  10. Wiring / Soldering: Starting at $15.00 and up depending on time
  11. Neck Repair (broken or split neck): price upon inspection

Brass Servicing (Trumpet, Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba, French Horn)

Our brass servicing occurs throughout the week, and the expected turnaround time on a standard service is between 3-5 business days, depending on when instruments are collected by the servicing agent. A full service includes full disinfectant flush of the instrument interior (and instrument case as needed), valve machining and slide buffing as needed, oiling and greasing.

Full Service Price is $110 and does not include parts or time taken to complete large-scale repairs. Dural Music Centre reserves the right to increase the cost of repairs on brass instruments if the slides / valves are so badly damaged / neglected that a greater amount of work is required to get it working again. We will call and discuss this before going ahead with the repair so there are no surprises.


Woodwind Servicing (Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone, Oboe and more) 

Our woodwind servicing department operates weekly.  Woodwind servicing includes re- alignment  of keys, oiling of joints, screws adjusted and cleaning of pads.  We also can replace worn pads & tenon corks however these are considered parts and cost more on top of the service fee.

Full Service Price $110 and does not include parts.

Pads are priced depending on instrument and size & a tenon cork usually costs $22.00 to replace (includes labour)


  **Please note that during the School Holidays our Repair Shop gets very busy! Whilst in this period we try to have your instrument serviced / repaired within 5 working days, this is not always possible over the busier festive seasons. Get you instrument in early to avoid delays and to have it back well in time for School or Lessons.

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