Maton's Magic Formula and the New SRS



For decades now, Bill May's back-yard-business-turned-Australia-first has flourished into a legacy that has survived through the tireless work and innovation of the Maton Guitars family, and their world-class instruments have (not surprisingly) become the go-to axes for many a world-class musician. From alternative icon Josh Homme to acousti-wizard John Butler, the world has sat up and taken notice of these brilliant guitars; they certainly have a loyal band of customers here at Dural Music. But how have they kept it up for so long?

The answer is almost certainly constant innovation. Never one to rest of their laurels, the hard-working lads and laddesses at Maton pour their heart and soul not only in expert craftsmanship, but also research and development, whether it's keeping an ear to the ground regarding most-requested body shapes/sizes, working on new pickup and preamp solutions, or crafting new models of internal construction to get the best possible tone, resonance, and projection. And that's exactly the area to which Maton have most recently turned their attention with the introduction of their new line of acoustic guitars, branded SRS - Solid Road Series.

To paraphrase Maton themselves...

The new Maton SRS series of guitars is the culmination of years of development and fine tuning by Maton's senior  luthiers and production designers. Maton have improved the neck geometry, bracing patterns, and body construction of their acoustic guitars with stunning results, and improved production methods have made it possible to produce these all solid timber guitars more effectively than ever before, and the playability and tonal benefits are amazing.


The backs and tops of these guitars are able to resonate more freely and have a huge dynamic range.  The scalloped bracing of the ERS70C provides a superior bass response and a rich midrange. The ramped bracing of the SRS60C creates a focused, bright tone. Improved neck/body geometry produces a neck that is a joy to play. Difficult chord shapes and complex single note runs are much easier to execute and increased tonal response improves acoustic projection, and a bone nut and saddle ensure maximum tone and sustain.


Maton have also trodden on, what is to many, hallowed ground by redeveloping their much-loved world-famous 808 and 808C models with the new SRS body construction, introducing a whole new colour to this plucky (forgive the pun) little guitar's already expansive palette, giving it back some of the bottom end warmth that smaller guitars often lack.


Yes, indeed, the hills (or at least the Hills District of Sydney) are coming alive with the sound of music, and we owe so much of it to Maton's magic formula of perpetual quality and persistent innovation.