1. Absence Policy

Dural Music Centre is proud to offer a high quality and consistency of music teachers. In order to attract our talented team, we commit our teachers for a full term, and guarantee their income. We also understand that 100% attendance isn’t always possible for a student.

Notified Absences
For any absences we are notified about prior to week 1 of a term, or within the first week of tuition (for partial term enrolments) – we will remove these lessons from the students invoice, and they will not be payable.

Absent with Leave (A/L) –
After week 1, if we receive 24 hours’ or more notice of an absence, we will endeavour to provide a makeup lesson. Please see our Makeup Lesson Policy for more information.

Absent –
If we receive less than 24 hours notice of an absence, we will be unable to provide a makeup lesson, refund, credit or deduct this lesson from your invoice.

Teacher Absent –
Should your regular teacher be unwell, or otherwise unable to make the lesson, we will endeavour to provide a suitable substitute teacher. If we are unable to provide a substitute teacher, we will endeavour to have the lesson made up across the balance of the term, or credit this lesson to your following terms invoice. Should your enrolment not continue into a subsequent term, this amount will be refunded at the close of the relevant term.

2. Make-Up Lesson Policy

Absences with a minimum of 24 hours’ notice for the lesson(s) you are unable to attend will be offered a makeup lesson at an alternative time. As we pay our teachers for their contracted times, we are unable to provide credit or refund in lieu of a makeup lesson.
In order for a student to be entitled to accrue a makeup lesson for an Absence with Leave, they are required to be ‘financial.’ This means that your account cannot be in arrears.

Any lessons a student is Absent or Absent with Leave for whilst having overdue fees will not accrue a makeup lesson and thus this lesson will be forfeited.
Students who are not financial will also not be given the opportunity to redeem makeups from prior terms.
We endeavour to provide makeup lessons during typical teaching times, but also work with our teachers to provide holiday makeup lessons where possible.
Due to scheduling, a makeup lesson isn't always possible, however we carry this makeup across the current term, plus a full subsequent term.
Unfortunately we are unable to credit, refund or deduct these lessons if a makeup is not possible.

We will always endeavour to schedule makeup lessons during or adjacent to scheduled teaching hours. Where this isn’t possible due to scheduling, we will work with each teacher to make alternate arrangements. We aim to have all makeups for continuing students cleared within one term following the absence (e.g. an absence in Term 1 should be cleared by end of Term 2). In the event where no makeup slots have been provided (due to teacher scheduling) we will open dialogue with the teacher to ensure we can find an appropriate time to accommodate essential makeup lessons.

In order to have makeup lessons redeemed, we reach out to offer one-off or permanently available times which have opened on your teacher’s schedule. In order to ensure you’re offered a time that will work for you, please let us know the days and times which would suit you. If we do not receive notification of intent or student availability for makeup lessons, our chances of providing you with a suitable opportunity before the redemption cut-off are lessened.

3. Withdrawal from lessons

Lessons at Dural Music Centre are a full term commitment. Notice to withdraw from lessons must be given prior to the commencement of the school term.
Unfortunately, withdrawals made mid-term are unable to be refunded or credited. Make-up lessons are forfeited upon withdrawal and are non-refundable.
To secure your teacher and lesson time, enrolments are automatically renewed each term unless we are advised prior to the start of the new term.

4. Supervision of Minors

At all times whilst a minor is on Dural Music premises, their supervision is the responsibility of their parent or guardian.
We have spacious waiting facilities outside all of our studios to make parents and siblings as comfortable as possible.

5. Late Fees

If an invoice remains unpaid and becomes overdue, a $25 late fee will be added.

6. Facilities

Dural Music Centre is a strictly non-smoking facility.
We ask that any smokers please do not smoke on premises, or within 5 metres of our main access doors.
We ask that all students and their families treat our facilities and equipment with care and respect.

7. Behaviour

We reserve the right to discontinue lessons where a student's behaviour, attitude or attendance is deemed inappropriate, in consultation with the student's parent or guardian.
In this instance, a refund will not be available.

If you have any questions or queries, do not hesitate to reach out to our team!

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