Accent On Keys Level 1

Accent On Keys Level 1


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This two-book series has been specifically developed for the older beginner student. One of the aims of the Accent Series is to rapidly develop foundation keyboard and theory skills so that students can graduate to the Achiever Series in a timely way. It is ideal for either individual or group tuition and has been particularly successful in school keyboard programs. The inclusion of comprehensive worksheets ensures that every aspect of music learning is covered. As with the other Encore courses, the inclusion of a broad range of musical styles guarantees a rich and diverse learning experience.

Included in each Level are:
• Finger Zips - small pieces that develop keyboard skills on a micro level
• Repertoire Pieces - solo performance pieces
• Ensembles - to develop part-playing skills, group interaction and team playing
• Finger Taps - these confirm finger numbers and develop finger sequencing concepts
• Rhythm Taps - two part rhythm reading and coordination
• Audio Files - these provide an aural model and excite the student's imagination.

These features are presented as an integrated teaching sequence and are designed to provide a thorough and balanced approach to music education. Students who successfully complete the Accent On Keys Series advance to the Achiever Series.

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