American Fiddler Violin Edition with Online Audio

American Fiddler Violin Edition with Online Audio


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The traditional fiddle repertoire is now available in its full range. The extensive collections allow you to authentically relive Ceilidh music, barn dance, jazz club atmosphere or Sarajevo's street cafe music. Some of them are known, others are excitingly new, all pieces have in common their unconditional authenticity, the great care of the arrangements and, above all else, their enormous entertainment value.

Each title in this series is available in two editions: as a violin edition (with an additional very easy violin part and chord indications for guitar ad lib.); or as a complete edition with all violin parts, accompanying information and piano accompaniment. This high level of flexibility enables a variety of line-ups: solo, duet, trio and even larger ensembles.

Edward Huws Jones has studied the tradition of fiddle playing extensively. In each volume he explains the background of the respective musical style and makes suggestions for its optimal performance.

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