DWCP6700AUL Ultra Light Boom Cymbal Stand

DWCP6700AUL Ultra Light Boom Cymbal Stand


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Gigging out just got a whole lot easier with the DW 6700UL Ultralight boom cymbal stand. This stand has the light weight you're looking for and a great retro look you didn't even know you needed. The DW 6700UL's light-gauge steel tubing and low-mass joints are engineered to provide stable placement without weighing down your hardware bag. A flat base and minimal look keep this stand from cluttering your stage decor—a feature which vintage kit enthusiasts are sure to appreciate. Sweetwater drummers were quick to note DW's Glide Tilter in the DW 6700UL, which positions the boom arm at any angle for unhindered playability despite the Ultralight's reduced footprint.

DW 6700UL Ultralight Boom Cymbal Stand Features:

  • Part of the DW 6000 Ultralight series
  • Easy traveling with an old-school minimal look
  • Thinner steel tubing and low-mass joints keep weight down
  • Flat base won't clutter your stage decor — perfect for vintage kits
  • Glide Tilter offers unlimited cymbal placements

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