Complete Piano Sonatas Vol. 1

Complete Piano Sonatas Vol. 1


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55 Sonatas, 55 Pianists - Edition in 3 volumes: HN 1336 (Volume I), HN 1338 (Volume II), HN 1340 (Volume III)
55 internationally celebrated pianists were invited to adopt one Haydn piano sonata each and provide it with their personal fingerings - a "who's who" on the contemporary piano scene. G. Henle Publishers now presents this classic, revised and with a new look, to all pianists in the certainty that Haydn's sonatas will further cement their place in the world of music. Volume I contains Haydn's early sonatas, very much still born of the spirit of the early Classical period: catchy music, fun to play, often at a moderate level of difficulty, without which modern piano instruction would be nearly unthinkable. Time and again, the authenticity of individual sonatas from this group has been questioned - the preface by Armin Raab, the Scholarly Director of the Joseph Haydn Institute, now provides comprehensive information on new findings regarding this important topic area.

Klaus Schilde (Hob. XVI:1 C major)
Sylvia Hewig-Troscher (Hob. XVI:2 B flat major)
Michael Schneidt (Hob. XVI:3 C major)
Sophie Pacini (Hob. XVI:4 D major)
Jan Philip Schulze (Hob. XVI:5 A major)
Valentina Lisitsa (Hob. XVI:6 G major)
Yaara Tal (Hob. XVI:7 C major)
Markus Bellheim (Hob. XVI:8 G major)
Carmen Piazzini (Hob. XVI:9 F major)
Jacob Leuschner (Hob. XVI:10 C major)
Silke Avenhaus (Hob. XVI:11 G major)
Benjamin Moser (Hob. XVI:12 A major)
Emanuel Ax (Hob. XVI:13 E major)
Sa Chen (Hob. XVI:14 D major)
Andreas Boyde (Hob. XVI:16 E flat major)
Christine Schornsheim (Hob. XVI:18 B flat major)
Cyprien Katsaris (Hob. XVI:19 D major)
Claudius Tanski (Hob. XVI:44 g minor)
William Youn (Hob. XVI:45 E flat major)
Gerhard Oppitz (Hob. XVI:46 A flat major)
Michael Schäfer (Hob. XVI:47bis e minor)
Christian Rieger (Hob. XIV:5a D major)
Dirk Mommertz (Hob. XVII:D1 D major)
Sunwook Kim (Hob. XVI:Es2 E flat major)
Eric Le Sage (Hob. XVI:Es2 E flat major)
Rolf Koenen (Hob. XVI:G1 G major)

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