Yamaha Rydeen Euro 22' Drum Kit in Black Glitter With Paiste PST 3 Cymbals


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For a limited time we are offering the Paiste PST 3 Cymbal pack! The upgraded cymbal pack include an extra crash cymbal for free! (Valued at $429.99 - Until Stocks Last)

Included in the PST3 cymbal pack;

  • 14" Hi-Hat
  • 18" Crash Cymbal
  • 20" Ride Cymbal
  • Bonus Free 16" Crash Cymbal

This configuration while being perfect for a high school aged student would also suit a primary school aged student as the smaller sized drums would make the students learning experience more comfortable and natural.

The shallow mounted toms provide more sustain and combined with Yamaha’s popular tom mounting system enables the toms to be positioned for students of all sizes and playing styles.

Secondly, The HW680W hardware pack is strong and durable. It will certainly withstand the day-to-day use of students and professionals alike. The 3 tiered boom cymbal stands will effortlessly hold the largest and heaviest cymbals on the market. The single bass drum pedal is smooth, responsive and adjustable to students’ preferred settings. The hi-hat stand and snare drum stand both perform effortlessly and are of the same high quality that Yamaha has built its name on and become known for.

Finally, Yamaha Australia have partnered with Swiss cymbal manufacturer Paiste to offer a cymbal set to compliment this already feature-packed drum kit. The package consists of a pair of 14” hi hat cymbals, A 16” crash cymbal and a 20” ride cymbal and is the perfect cymbal package for a student to start his or her drumming journey with.

  • Fusion Size 5-Piece Shell Pack (22"x16" B, 16"x13" F, 12"x8"/10"x7" T, 14"x5.5" S)
  • Double Braced HW680W Hardware Pack

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